Will the Paleo Diet Get You Far?

The Paleo diet gets its unique name from its resemblance to the diet that our great ancestors followed. By our ancestors, what we mean are the Paleolithic hunters and gatherers. Their diet wasn’t something that they followed by choice or applied as an attempt to lose weight. They ate the things that they did because they had no alternative.

As with any other diet, the Paleo diet is often compared to the Keto diet. The Ketogenic diet is arguably the most effective diet out there as can results in maximum weight loss in just a short period of time. Before comparing both diets, however, we need to understand what makes a Paleo diet so special.

The Paleo Diet Regimen

As what we have already mentioned, the Paleo diet is inspired by cavemen and what they ate. As expected, their meals are devoid of any processed or altered food in any way. This is the key to this diet’s success because processed food is often the reason why we’re displeased with what we see when we hop on the scale.

So what’s left to eat once we eliminate processed foods? Plenty of protein choices such as meat and fish are available in addition to nuts, seeds, eggs, fruits and veggies, raw honey, coconut sugar, and some natural oils. While a Paleo diet decides what you eat, it doesn’t tell you how much to eat of each food type. It makes up for this by including exercise and yoga.

Unlike most weight loss diets that solely focus on food restriction, the Paleo diet is unique in a way that it incorporates short bursts of exercise as well as meditation and yoga. This is in an effort to promote not just a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. If you’re looking for a diet that’ll make you sweat and boost your mental health, Paleo is probably the one for you.

Paleo Diet vs Keto Diet

It goes without saying that both of these are great diets or else they wouldn’t be so popular. Nonetheless, it seems that the Ketogenic has the edge over the Paleo diet.

One thing that these diets have in common is the elimination of processed foods. However, Paleo allows sugar in the form of maple syrup and honey. This is completely forbidden in the Ketogenic diet since consuming a lot of glucose will definitely interrupt your ketosis, and restore your body’s natural tendency of relying on glucose as a major source of energy.

The Paleo diet also heavily relies on exercise to make up for its lenient caloric restriction. Though it’s highly recommended that people should workout or exercise regardless of their diet, this isn’t always possible if you have a very busy lifestyle.

Not being able to include exercise as part of your everyday regimen will have a negative impact on your progress towards reaching your ideal weight. Keto eliminates this problem because it limits carb intake, which makes it extremely effective.

Perhaps one way to overcome this issue while on a Paleo diet is by adding caloric restrictions to your plan. Intermittent fasting is another valuable tool that will help you cut back on calories. Both diets have their pros and cons, but if you want fast results and don’t have time to exercise, then you’ll find the Ketogenic diet more effective than a Paleo diet.

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