Why We Have Fat, Need Fat, Need to Burn Fat

Here’s the Big Question. Does anyone know what the purpose of fat is?

It’s there to protect your organs. The primary purpose of fat is to be a survival gland to protect against the starvation of SUGAR.

So it protects you against sugar starvation. It’s a backup organ for sugar. Really, because you wouldn’t last for more than 72 hours without food, we store fat in case of starvation.

So, to get the fat off your body, you need to starve your body of SUGAR.

Knowing this, we know that it’s best to be on a ketosis diet, right. Reducing calories and exercising more, but according to their diet, Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, you never burn fat. You’ll lose water weight, but not fat. We must starve the body of sugar and replace it with more healthy fats, which are much more satisfying to the body.

First, we must bring carbs down to five calories—which = 50 grams of carbohydrate a day.

We’ve been taught that fat is bad. But fat in the diet, the right amount,

Will not raise insulin. Fat does not raise insulin at all

The right fats satisfy the brain and give you fat-soluble vitamins. If you eat kale, see, that’s only the precursor to vitamin A. You need animal fats to absorb the vitamin A. Kerrygold butter will give you the fat to convert that vitamin A. You’d only convert around 5% of the vitamins from vegetables.

We need fat soluble vitamins. Consume butter with carrots, for example, and you give it the fat it needs to convert those vitamins.

When you get on ketosis, we want you to burn the fat you’re eating AND tap into your reserves as well.

You will have to adjust the fats to your activity levels. If you’re sedentary and have a poor metabolism, you won’t be able to have the same amount of fat.

Why do we need fat to burn fat?

Because the body considers fat as a survival mechanism. It will hold onto its own fat more when you starve it of fat. If you have no dietary fats, you starve the body of ketones and the structural fats it needs to surround the cells of your body and the nerves. So you starve the structural fats and develop problems with the immune system.

If you do a low carb, low fat, and high protein diet, you still spike insulin and stress the kidney and liver on top of it.

If you do a low carb, low fat, low protein, there’s not enough fat to stimulate ketosis, so the body will go after the muscles.

Really, the ideal situation is to have about 5% carb, 20-25% being protein, and the rest being fat. Then adjust the quantities. Fat keeps the body out of stress.

Eating sugar puts your body into fight or flight mode all the time. It’s a sudden burst of energy that sends your body up and down all the time.

So where do you get vitamin A, K, K2? Vitamin D the sun, vitamin K and A from cod liver oil, vitamin D, the sun, nuts, seeds, oils.

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