Why Should I Give the Ketogenic Diet a Try?

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the past year, you’ve definitely heard the words “ketogenic diet.” While at a glance it might seem like yet another trendy-but-ineffective fad diet, keto is anything but. In fact, thousands of people have changed their lives with this diet, with a wide variety of reasons driving them to do so.

If you are wondering how you can achieve your health and body goals, the ketogenic diet might very well be the ticket. Still skeptical? Continue reading to see three of the most popular reasons for the recent surge in keto dieters.

3 Compelling Reasons to Try the Ketogenic Diet

There are dozens of reasons to consider starting a keto journey of your own, but these three reasons are among the most popular and compelling of reasons to give it a shot.

Weight Loss and a Flatter Belly

Perhaps the number one most common reason for people to consider the ketogenic diet is the desire to lose weight and obtain a flat stomach. Low-carb diets are great for weight loss, but keto is effective in a different way. By forcing the body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates (sugar) as an energy source, your body essentially becomes a fat-burning machine!

In addition to the fact that your body is going to be relying on the presence of fat to give itself energy, keto helps to prevent bloating and gas that can hinder a person’s weight loss results. Many of the gut irritants that cause gas, like legumes, are eliminated from a person’s diet on keto. When there’s less gas formed in the digestive system, you will see greatly reduced bloating of the belly.

Decreased Blood Sugar and Energy to Last

Much of the time, sky-high blood sugar is the result of eating too many carbohydrates that are based in sugars. When you omit these foods from your diet, you can expect to see lower and more stable blood sugar in the future. Your increased fat consumption on keto will help you to avoid the drastic changes in blood sugar that are often responsible for irritability and insatiable feelings of hunger.

Many diabetics are singing the praises of the ketogenic diet in helping them to manage their condition. However, if you have diabetes you should consult with your physician before and during your time on keto.

The stabilization of blood sugar also helps people to maintain steady, all-day energy. Say farewell to sugar crashes and the midday slump that comes from a carbohydrate-heavy diet!

Combat Epilepsy in Children and Adults

Did you know that the ketogenic diet originally came about as a treatment plan for children with drug-resistant epilepsy? It’s true! To this day, parents are putting their sons and daughters on keto to combat the effects of their condition and improve their quality of life.

Adults with epilepsy will also benefit from the ketogenic diet, as it has been shown to greatly reduce the incidence of seizures. If you or your child are suffering from epilepsy that isn’t well controlled by medications, you should consult with your physician about trying keto. No epileptic patient should go onto the ketogenic diet before speaking with their doctor first.

See? The ketogenic diet isn’t just some trendy diet. In fact, it can be downright medicinal! If you need to increase your overall health and quality of life, don’t strike the ketogenic diet from your list of considerations.

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