Why do People Love Keto and IF So Much and Why Does it Work So Well?

If you Google Dr. Berg success stories, you’ll see stories of many of my clients who have dropped hundreds of pounds with the keto + IF approach. And there are many scientific reasons Keto works – it suppresses hormones that cause hunger and also boosts hormones that spike muscle preservation and fat burning. It also helps you look younger WHILE you lose weight. My clients don’t have that aged, husked-out look people get with fast weight loss either.

There’s a reason for this. Keto and IF help spike youth-promoting GH and IGF which preserves muscle, boosts collagen synthesis AND helps you burn major fat off your body. You’re running on your own fat. There is NOTHING healthier for the body than burning all that fat

  • Off the belly
  • Off your internal organs

Creative types and those who have to use their brains all day to do complex tasks, multi-task, or strategize new business schemes and plans LOVE keto and IF because it is super BRAIN-stimulating.

That’s because running on ketones is extremely good for the brain. It is neuro-protective and enhances cognitive performance. Plus, everyone loses a lot of water weight at first—dumping as much as 10 pounds off the body in a week—which is great for motivation. Other reasons to run on fat?

You’ll get leaner and more youthful-looking than you’ve ever been. Running on fat gives you major energy and aids in absorption of fat soluble vitamins, like A, E, D, and K2 that give you great facial bones, strong teeth, sparkling eyes, and great skin.

It’s also cancer preventative—studies show that besides giving you increased brain function, the Ketogenic diet fights cancer and even shrinks cancerous brain tumors.

Other reasons Keto Works Better Than Low Calorie Diets

  1. Losing weight with high insulin levels (not ketosis) DECREASES YOUR METABOLISM because insulin makes it hard for your body burn stored fat.
  2. When you’re in ketosis and using Intermittent fasting—losing weight will not slow your metabolism because when insulin is low and you have a calorie deficit, the metabolism raises to compensate AND you burn fat off the body
  3. Ketosis also increase your metabolism through thermogenesis (fat burning).

When in ketosis (low insulin), your white fat starts turning into fat-burning brown adipose tissue, producing heat to burn the white fat stores off the body.

  1. Ketosis also makes you lose weight and spikes metabolism because all your unused ketones (which are unused, unburned fat calories) are either exhaled through your breath or urinated out of the body. See—the liver can convert unused carbs into fat, but it cannot convert unused ketones back into fat.
  2. Losing weight with ketosis helps you lose weight WITHOUT HUNGER. Why? It suppresses your hunger hormone—ghrelin and it increases the hormone CKK which makes you feel full for hours.
  3. Losing weight on a carbohydrate-fueled low-calorie diet MAKES YOU HUNGRY by lowering your levels of CCK (the hormone that makes you feel full after a meal) and lowering leptin (the hormone that makes you feel full hours in the long term after eating).