What’s Hormones Got to Do – Got to Do With IT?!

Keto and IF are great ways to heal hormones so you can lose weight again. What keto and IF help you do is stimulate the fat burning hormones and suppressing the fat storing hormones. First, you have 6 fat burning hormones.

Fat-Burning and Fat-Storing Hormones

In order to understand the fat-burning hormones that trigger weight loss, you might want to know what these are. The following list gives not only the fat-burning hormones but also the fat-storing hormones, which you want to avoid triggering.

Fat-Burning Hormones

Growth Hormone (GH)

Growth hormone is made by a gland in your brain called the pituitary. Once made, it travels down to and works through the liver. This is a fat-burning, lean-muscle-building hormone. One of its key functions is building up cartilage and collagen. Without growth hormone, your joints and muscles fall apart and you age more quickly, as it’s also an anti-aging hormone.

It is stimulated by protein and intense exercise. Interestingly, it is not triggered by light exercise.

Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF)

IGF is made by the liver and is triggered by growth hormone. Its basic function is giving the body fuel between meals, and it does this through releasing stored sugar and fat; thus it is a fat-burning hormone. IGF is stimulated when the stomach is empty.


Glucagon raises blood sugar by tapping into the fat reserves and is therefore called a fat-burning hormone. It has an opposing action to insulin. It helps control blood sugar between meals and is stimulated by dietary protein and intense exercise. However, if excess protein is eaten, insulin will be elevated and will blunt this hormone.


Adrenaline is the main hormone that releases fat from the fat cells. It has many additional functions to prepare the body for stressful situations: mental alertness, increased heart rate, metabolic rate, blood pressure… It is triggered by exercise.

Thyroid Hormones (T3 and T4)

These hormones control the speed of your metabolism. They trigger metabolism by increasing the size and number of the cellular energy factories, called mitochondria. The faster the metabolism, the thinner the person is. People with insufficient thyroid hormone secretion are typically overweight.


Testosterone is made by the adrenal glands, the testicles, and even the ovaries. This fat-burning hormone assists in giving you lean muscles and is involved in sex drive and male characteristics. If a female has high testosterone, she gets facial hair, a deeper voice and male-pattern baldness. It is stimulated by exercise and countered by estrogen.

Fat-Storing Hormones


Insulin is made by the pancreas; its function is to lower blood sugar after meals. It will cause the cells to absorb sugar as fuel and will convert the rest to fat and cholesterol. Insulin works with IGF and glucagon to keep fuel constant in the blood; so when IGF and glucagon go down, insulin must go up and vice versa. In the presence of insulin, you will not be able to burn fat.


Estrogen is responsible for the female characteristics, menstrual cycle and changes of the uterus and breasts. It provides the fat layer around a female body, especially around the outer thighs.


This is an important hormone produced by the adrenal glands, which is activated by stress of all kinds. It is anti-inflammatory and releases sugar from the liver and muscles into the blood as an instant fuel source for stressful events.