Tips for Keeping with the Ketogenic Diet During the Holidays

The holiday season can be challenging for a multitude of reasons. Hectic schedules, shopping, the preparation of events and grand dinners with family become an all-consuming whirlwind in the months of November and December. When you’re on the ketogenic diet, there is the added worry of keeping in line with keto while not depriving yourself entirely of the goodness that’s presented on the dinner table. After all, half of what we spend the month preparing for are the big meals in which we pass plates, share stories and deepen our bonds with the people in our lives. Food has a very large role to play in the holidays. So, what is a keto dieter to do?

Continue reading to learn how you can enjoy the food of the season – without throwing yourself out of ketosis.

5 Holiday Tips for People on the Ketogenic Diet

To help you survive the holidays without ruining the fun of those warm family dinners, consider these five essential holiday tips for remaining true to your keto diet.

Bring a Dish of Your Own

A lot of times, family and friends are encouraged to bring a dish of their own to share with the rest of the guests. This cuts down on the host’s already-hefty amount of food prep and cooking. It’s also simply a nice thing to do. You can make or buy a keto-friendly side dish or dessert to bring, ensuring that you’ve got something that you can nibble at while contributing to the feel-good dinner or party vibes.

Monitor Your Drinking

Not that there’s anything wrong with getting a little merry during the holidays, but people who’ve imbibed in a fair amount of alcohol are more likely to make poor food choices. Unless you’ve got an iron-clad will to remain steadfast to your ketogenic diet, it’s probably best to monitor your drinking to avoid this problem.

Avoid the Hidden Carbs

Staying low-carb during the holidays is tough, even though turkey and veggies themselves are actually quite keto-friendly. Keep in mind how the dishes are prepared, as they can be made with ingredients and oils that should be avoided on keto. Gravy is also not going to do your diet any favors, as it is made of flour.

Don’t Arrive Hungry

Nothing will shake your resolve more than arriving to the party or dinner event with an empty stomach while plates of hearty food are being passed around. Have a small yet satisfying snack just before you leave the house to curb your hunger and keep you on track.

Focus on Friends and Family

Yes, food sure has a huge role to play during the holiday season, but it’s really all about connecting with the people who are important to us. So, keep your mind on your family’s traditions, catching up with friends and enjoying the festivities that aren’t so closely tied to food.

Sticking to the ketogenic diet is tough, but not impossible, during the holiday season. If you keep these tips in mind, you will be able to relax and enjoy the company without worry.

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