The Right Ketogenic Diet Doesn’t Age the System with Fat and Protein Only Consumption

In most ketogenic diets you find online, there is not enough focus on nutrients. You cannot just live on fat. Some fat has fat soluble vitamins, like grass fed butter and dairy. But you need antioxidants, phytochemicals, trace minerals, all the B vitamins, vitamins A, C, D, E, and K2 if you want to stay healthy and youthful. This is where a lot of these keto and fasting “experts” are wrong!!

What they should emphasize is NUTRIENT DENSITY.

  1. Without nutrient density—and nutrients period, you’ll be dumping all this weight and fat through the liver with no nutrient BUFFER.

The liver takes all the waste in your body and toxins as well and disguises it as minerals by combining matter that’s going to be excreted as waste with minerals like choline and molybdenum that the kidneys can safely excrete without damaging them.

  1. You’ll age your system even more than fast weight loss already will.

You need antioxidants to prevent free radical damage as you lose fat—and what nullifies free radicals—antioxidants in VEGETABLES/

  1. Without nutrient density you’ll never make it on keto very long. Your body will be crying out so loud for vitamins and minerals via cravings for sugar, fat, and carbs it will drive you literally batty.

Generally speaking, most of the vitamins and minerals you need come from vegetables.

Yes, they can come from fruits, but fruits are too high in sugar.

There are some B-vitamins in whole wheat but grains these are too high on the glycemic scale, meaning, they spike insulin too much for effective weight loss.

It’s best to stick with green, dark, leafy vegetables for your vitamins and minerals.

But certain vitamins in vegetables –especially the fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, only come in a pre-vitamin A form. This means when you eat pre-vitamin A containing foods, like carrots, they have to be converted into the active form of vitamin A, and you’re only going to get roughly 4% of the active form.

Eat carrots and other vegetables with a bit of melted grass fed butter or a full fat dressing with NO sugar—and voila, you absorb all your vitamins.

Organ meats are LOADED with vitamins and minerals, if you like these and are one of the best source of active form of vitamin A. Other great sources of A are egg yolks, cod liver oil, fatty fish, butter, grass-fed liver and dairy. Vitamin D can come from the sun, cod liver oil, egg yolks and grass-fed dairy also contain lots of vitamin D.

Potassium is very important too. Our bodies need 4,700 mg of potassium every single day. Bananas only have 300 mg of potassium, plus all that sugar.

It’s just one of those cannot live without minerals that will end you up in the hospital (like B12) if you don’t get enough of it. Beet greens are loaded with potassium and so are other leafy dark greens.

And all these vitamins and minerals—if you do NOT get them—will cause such VORACIOUS food cravings, you’ll cave in and eat something bad for you but quick energy –like sugary or carb-loaded foods, in response to these cravings—throwing you out of ketosis for a week or two.