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With the Ketogenic Diet, you will not have to wonder which meals you can have. We have a variety of Keto Meal Plan, set up for easy access and preparation; even desserts.


Ketogenic Diet Meals

On my ketogenic diet meal plan, you begin by eating three meals a day, no snacks. Three great meals a day, I’ll add…even dessert but without the sugar.

You can even have my Strawberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs at the end of a meal and stay in fat burning all night. In fact, when you first start my diet, you’ll need extra sodium because you’ll be dumping so much fat and water off the body.

Later on, we add Intermittent Fasting, when you’re ready for it, and eat two big, satisfying meals a day. That way you’re burning fat three times a day – before the first meal, after it, and after your last meal, until you eat again.

Later on, as you build up enzymes to digest fats so you can run on ketones all day – and burn your own fat for fuel instead of glucose, you can go down to two meals a day, shrinking your feeding window more and more, until you’re burning fat some 18-20 hours a day.

Let’s look at what you’ll get to eat on this plan – and I provide easy, quick-to-prepare recipes for all these foods. In fact, if it’s not easy and quick to fix it’s not on here. The low carb bread and rolls are a little more challenging. But getting to eat a keto-friendly SANDWICH is typically worth the trouble to virtually any client I know!!

Keto Breakfast

On my plan, we eat things for breakfast like

  • Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Omelets
  • Lox with Cream Cheese and Avocados
  • 1 Minute Keto-friendly Biscuits
  • Shredded Beef with Avocado and Scrambled Eggs

We also eat Keto Friendly Waffles – they are delicious, and made with almond flour and other secret ingredients that suppress insulin but make waffles super fluffy. Pancakes, too!

Keto Lunch

For lunch and dinner you can choose from a hundred delicious meals including Cauliflower Crusted Pizza, Chicken, Pulled Pork Slaw with a Fried Egg, or some hot, delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup – AND a big mineral and vitamin filled salad. And a fat-rich dessert. The goal is to keep you full and satisfied enough that you enter the stages of Slow Wave Sleep – the only stage of sleep where fat burning happens.

So again, think full, happy, fat burning all day – and you’ve basically got the point of my whole diet approach. If you don’t think it works, just Google Dr. Berg Success Stories and look at those faces and bodies. They’re happy, youthful, and lean. Health = long-lasting weight loss. Always.

If you think about all Oprah’s liquid diets you’ll see that low-calorie diets don’t work. She always regained the weight within a year or so and she looked AWFUL aged, slack, saggy.

That’s from losing muscle instead of fat, as you do with most diets. On my diet, you not only lose fat, you’ll fill out your face with collagen and elastin from sleeping better and eating all the compounds you need to create new collagen stores in the body.

Delicious Keto Meals

I worked with an amazing chef to design and tailor-make these delicious keto meals! I have learned a lot about food and cooking since I really began to study nutrition. I have some massive research to duplicate the same foods people eat yet make them keto friendly with the same taste, same texture and flavor, just without the extra carbs.

Chefs will tell you-you CAN make delicious foods that are low in carbohydrate – and they are actually the best people to talk to find out the secrets of doing so.

In fact, most chefs cook two ways, one way for themselves and their families and one way for their customers at their restaurants, who want to have a celebratory “no holds barred” kind of culinary experience.

That’s because many chefs have been fat and they learned that you cannot eat sugar and spike insulin all day and lose weight. In fact, many bakers eat keto. Did you know that? They know more than anyone one cannot nosh on bread and pastries all day without becoming the size of a house.

In fact, I worked with my chef to design these keto recipes on my site, to create delicious Asian foods, Thai cuisine, bread, muffins, cheesecakes, and pasta dishes that are low glycemic, low on the Insulin Index, and that you can enjoy your meals while burning major fat off the body.