The Goal of Keto and IF Dieting

The ketogenic diet is a way of eating that enables you to use your own fat for fuel instead of running on glucose. This is because running on glucose (high carbs, even high protein) will result in 0 fat burning and little true fat loss.

Instead, people who are constantly spiking insulin often whittle away their own muscle stores for fat when the body burns its own resources for fuel. This is why, often, you exercise hard and you’ll notice that belly going nowhere while your lower half is slimming down.

I believe, for this reason, the ketogenic diet is the answer to many people’s prayers for weight loss. It’s great for individuals who are hard-working and have little time to exercise.

It’s fantastic for women who are growing older whose metabolisms are slowing down with age and finding they suddenly are carrying a lot of belly fat. It’s great for anyone, really, whose goal is to BURN FAT and PRESERVE lean muscle mass.

Bodybuilders love keto eating for this reason. By lowering carb and protein intake while privileging more high, healthy fat in the diet, they find they can achieve major, fast fat loss while preserving all those sculpted muscles. Plus, exercise only speeds the weight loss.

Keto eating involves controlling your macro intake of carbohydrate to around 50 grams or less of carbohydrate a day. This is not going to be a lot of starch carbs as anything from one large potato to two pieces of bread would exceed that 50 carb ratio, practically. It will however allow you to eat plenty of leafy green vegetables and other non-starch carbohydrates, which can help you satisfy all your nutritional requirements for vitamins.

So your macro ratios of fats, proteins, and carbs will look like this:

  • Protein – 20% of your daily intake of calories. 3-6 ounces all day.
  • Fats—70% of your calories.
  • Carbohydrate: 10% of your calories.

You’ll have to find out what works for you! What helps you achieve maximum fat loss and keeps you in ketosis.

But possible macro ratios might look like this: 80g protein/ 75g fat/ 35g net carbs 28%/59%/13% 1135 calories

What is ketogenesis?

With ketogenesis, once your body begins producing ketones for fuel in the liver, as opposed to reaching for glucose as its main fuel source, the body starts to live off of its own fat. Meaning—you are finally burning real fat off the body. See, glucose is the body’s preferred fuel source. It’s an easy fuel but it’s a dirty fuel.

Think running on diesel gas as opposed to clean SOLAR energy. The body and mind love a state of ketogenesis once you get past the hard part.

Initially, your body will have to manufacture new enzymes to run on fat. This takes an adjustment period of 1 to 6 weeks.

The more your body is used to running on glucose fuel only the longer it might take. Once the body is adapted to a ketogenic diet—you will LOVE it. You’ll feel superhuman—empowered, full of energy and vitality, and with clearer, quicker thinking than you’ve ever known.

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