The Effects of Exercise While on a Keto Diet

Diets should always be combined with exercise for faster results and better health. For some reason, people think the Keto diet and physical exercises aren’t a good match. Maybe this is because ketosis and barely eating any carbs make it seem that a person on Keto won’t have the energy to workout.

This notion is completely false. Ketogenic diets are compatible with exercise just like all other diets. You’ll still be eating enough to create energy and build muscle even if you’re doing it without carbs.

Keto Diet and Exercise Tips

In order to gain muscle, you need to eat enough protein. Our bodies need about 1 to 1.2 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass in order to gain muscle. Basically, proteins are the building blocks of muscles. If you don’t provide your body with enough, it won’t have anything to build with.

Apart from the quantity, you need to evenly distribute your protein intake amongst your meals. The main purpose of this is to keep your body in ketosis. However, your liver can create glucose from the amino acids obtained from protein.

However, flooding your body with too much protein will lead to its conversion to glucose in the liver. Hence, a lower level of ketones is produced. The last thing you need is to knock your metabolism out of the state of ketosis and back to glucose utilization. Since you’re still on the keto diet, you have to make sure that you watch your protein intake. Do not take more than what is necessary.

When it comes to deciding how many calories you’ll need, you’ll have to know why you’re exercising in the first place. If you’re working out to build muscle mass, you’ll need to eat more calories than you actually need. The main source of these calories has to come from fat too.

Alternatively, if your goal is to lose body fat without losing muscle then you’ll have to lower your caloric intake beyond your body’s needs. The purpose of this is to force your body into burning existing fat and converting them into ketones for energy.

The kind of exercise and training you perform is another major factor in determining how much muscle you gain. In order to get the maximum benefit, focus on weights and high-intensity exercises rather than cardio. You can start with fewer weights and add pounds as you get stronger and gain more muscle.

The ketogenic diet is completely safe. Not exercising out of the assumption that workouts shouldn’t be combined with the Keto diet is a bad idea. You may be in a state of ketosis, but that doesn’t mean your energy is depleted. In fact, if you feel like you’re always tired and have no energy, then you probably aren’t in ketosis. Just follow these few simple tips to exercise while on the Keto diet to lose weight while gaining a decent amount of muscle mass in the process.

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