The Biggest Mistake You Can Make with Ketosis

Okay – yes, grass fed butter. But not a whole pound of butter—or even a whole stick—like this whole bulletproof coffee myth. Yes, fat is good but not too much fat. If you look at what the other keto-ers tell you, they say, “eat 85% of your calories from fat.” But this is too much.

That is a LOT of fat.

For a 2500 calorie diet—that’s 220 grams of fat a day. Keep in mind, doctors still tell you to keep your trans fats to 6 grams a day. Trans fats (industrial seed oils, fast foods, etcetera) are still bad.

What happens if you consume 220 grams of fat every day. Well, you might get into ketosis from not consuming any carbohydrate, but you’ll also develop a fatty liver, and you won’t be able to lose any fat off your own body.

You have to go slow with fat. A lot of people cannot digest fat –especially when first switching from a refined, easy fuel, glucose-powered bread, pasta, and cereal quick carbohydrate-fueled diet to a chiefly protein, fat, and vegetable carbohydrate diet.

Your body becomes lazy with everything and reaches for easy fuels first. In fact, if you’re a carb lover going keto, you won’t even have the enzymes to digest all these fats.

What you want, ideally, is to gradually increase the fat you’re consuming to give your body time to build up the enzymes to properly digest the fat.

So don’t start gorging on coconut oil and grass fed butter and think you’re going to drop a lot of weight – or eating a lot of keto bombs and lose weight.

Let Hunger Dictate the Amount of Fat You Eat

Let the hunger dictate how much you eat. Fat helps to suppress appetite, so you’ll only crave food badly when you’re not eating enough of it.

If you’re feeling really hungry all the time, yes, you need more fat. And then, yes, fat will help you be more successful because it will tamp down that hunger that is BOUND to make you have a diet relapse of some sort –as hunger is a powerful enemy to fight.

Fat helps in this regard.

You want to burn your own fat. In fact, after you get into ketosis, you can enhance the burning of fat off of your body by cutting down on the fat a little more and getting more nutrient-dense, vitamin and mineral packed, energy-yielding vegetables in the diet.

Then, you can start living off of your own reserves in your belly and on the rest of the body. There are people who just overdo it.

If you’re not experiencing a lot of hunger, then cut back on your fat and you’ll burn more of your own.

All my best in your success, Dr. Berg