The Best Keto-IF Secret Strategies for FASTER Weight Loss (Plus the Best Sweeteners)

Now, we’ll talk about what to do and what to avoid. Sugar and carbs trigger insulin – I’m talking about ALL the sugars – all need to be eliminated. There are all kinds of substitutes that will keep you happy. So, here’s a list of things to avoid on the keto plan and why you need to avoid them.

  1. Sugar sugar of course, triggers insulin major
  2. Avoid hidden sugars these are everywhere in everything from soup, to fruit juice, to yogurt and cottage cheese and other dairies – all kinds of places. Especially condiments of all kinds, tomato soup, packaged foods. In general, eating whole foods helps you avoid this and limiting or eliminating fruit.
  3. Avoid MSG this taste bud-expander is a major insulin trigger—it’s in all Asian foods, much fast food is loaded with it, as are things like “season salt” and other flavor additives to foods
  4. Don’t combine protein with sugar you wouldn’t believe how much adding a carb source like ketchup or a bun to a burger or hot dog spikes insulin much more than the bread or burger by itself. Eat your burger without. Eat meat without a carbohydrate source of any kind (mustard and may are okay as long as the mayo does not contain sugar)
  5. Avoid all low-fat foods. Fat free foods have sugar added to make them palatable.
  6. Avoid snacking and frequent meals. Every time you eat you spike insulin. So, you only want to do that 2 to three times a day. This means no-calorie beverages like water or coffee between meals.
  7. Avoid excess protein excessive protein creates a process of glycolysis in the body—meaning protein will be converted to sugar. Only eat 3 ounces–not 6 per meal.

In general – look to something called the INSULIN INDEX – it will tell you all non-carbohydrate foods and how much they spike insulin. Lowest on the list are fats! Butter, fatty cuts of meats, avocados!

It’s the carbs in the fat that make you gain weight – the calories in the fat.

Now, why do you want to consume more fat? Adding fat to meals helps you avoid spiking insulin so much and to keep you from getting hungry. Fat satiates you for a longer period of time. It doesn’t spike the insulin and then plummets like carbs do!

Try combining intermittent fasting with keto for FAST results. If you add more fat to meal one of the day, you’ll be able to go longer and longer without eating, you’ll stay in fat burning longer, and even without lowering calories, you’re losing weight major!

We’re not cutting calories—we’re cutting insulin—meaning you meet all your nutritional requirements AND lose weight AND get healthy.

Allowable Non-GMO Substitutes for Sugar as Sweetener include:

Birch bark, monk fruit, stevia, xylitol, and erythritol are good substitutes.

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