The 5:2 Eating Plan and IF: Which one Is Best for Weight Loss

The 5:2 eating plan is a little different than my keto + IF + nutrient density approach. With a 5:2 plan you eat whatever you want 5 days a week and fast 2 days a week, greatly curbing calorie intake two days a week. See, my plan is all about suppressing insulin in the body to help you tap into your actual fat stores and run on fat only. The reason my program is better is that it concentrates on suppressing insulin, which helps you to lose more fat—not burn up your muscle tissue or just lose water weight.

With my plan you only eat for, ideally, 8 hours a day and you greatly limit protein and carbohydrate intake. That’s where the magic is, see. This way, you eat some every day, which keeps you from feeling deprived, keeps you out of a slowed metabolism and starvation mode, and keeps you running on your own fat.

With the 5:2 plan, since it allows a lot of carbohydrates, I don’t believe you actually tap into fat burning at all. Glucose will be too high by the time you fast for you to even tap into your fat stores.

You’re not going to be running on fat in the presence of insulin and especially if you eat lots of bread, pasta, potatoes, corn, sugar, cokes, hidden sugars, and other carbohydrate-loaded foods on those 5 days.

This is because it takes DAYS of suppressing insulin to get into fat burning ketogenesis—NOT HOURS.

Now, if you were to combine keto + IF + the 5:2 plan, you might speed weight loss a bit, if you want to really restrict caloric intake/fast for two days a week and do intermittent fasting with keto the other days.

In fact, this is a sure fire way to speed up weight loss and stimulate GH release at the same time. Brief periods of fasting are healthy, triggering cellular adaptations that are healing and healthy for the body.

It won’t be easy though. It’s hard not to start reaching for everything and start eating like crazy after a whole day of not eating.

The Science of IF and Keto

The science behind intermittent fasting is simple: if you don’t consume enough glucose (carbohydrate) energy, your body burns off your fat reserves for energy instead.

The science behind IF though is that regular intermittent fasting activates a gene called SIRT1, more commonly known as the ‘skinny gene’—it also activates genes like IF and GH that are responsible for burning fat while preserving calorie-burning muscle.

The science behind ketogenesis is that by suppressing glucose, your body is forced to reach down into its own fat stores for energy instead of turning to easy to reach for glucose and sugars in the blood.

By burning your fat you get SKINNY.

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