Should You Drink Alcohol While on the Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet will create a huge effect on your alcohol intake. Considering how alcohol is involved in so many social situations, this can be a distressing reality and even might cause a person to quit the diet altogether. Why isn’t alcohol compatible with the Ketogenic diet? The answer is simple. It’s because most alcohols are loaded with carbohydrates.

Consuming alcohol can knock a person out of ketosis and switch their metabolism back to using glucose. This would diminish their progress so far and require them to re-enter ketosis and go through the symptoms of Keto flu all over again.

In general, beer and wine are the alcoholic drinks with the most carbs. Hard liquors may be a little acceptable while you’re on the Ketogenic diet. Hard liquor starts off with plenty of sugars, potatoes, and fruits but during the fermentation and distillation processes, all of that is converted into ethyl alcohol.

Effects of Alcohol on a Ketogenic Diet

Alcohol and ketosis have a reciprocal impact on each other. Our livers and overall metabolism are affected by the consumption of alcohol. The primary effect we’re concerned about here is how alcohol affects the production of ketones in the liver.

At the same time, when you’re on a Ketogenic diet, you can expect your alcohol tolerance to drop. This means you’ll get drunker after drinking less than what you’re used to. People should be extra cautious when it comes to driving after having a drink or two while on Keto.

You may enjoy or hate Keto lowering your alcohol tolerance, but you’ll definitely hate the hangovers. Some people who went drinking while on a Ketogenic diet reported the worst hangovers of their lives. If you want to minimize these hangovers then make sure to stay hydrated. Dehydration worsens hangovers and ketone bodies lead to increased urine output and mild dehydration. Combat that effect by drinking enough water.

So where do the most popular alcoholic drinks stand for a person on a Ketogenic diet?

What we know for sure is that you should try to avoid beer at all costs. Beer is rich in carbs and would totally mess up your glucose-ketone balance. If you really can’t stay away from beer then try reading more about the nutritional value and carb content of your favorite light beer on its website.

Wine is another drink people may like to enjoy with dinner or on a quiet evening. We have some good news because unsweetened dry red or white wine with low carbs is compatible with the Ketogenic diet. Just don’t drink too much of it.

Your safest bet is hard liquor. This includes vodka, tequila, whiskey, and rum. Perhaps these are more intoxicating than wine and beer, and their consumption isn’t as high, but they have almost no carbs at all. Drinking alcohol on a Ketogenic diet maybe but you need to be very careful when you do. Never consume more than a shot or two.