Ketosis: The Issue of Side Effects

This is an important blog because you need to know about side effects that may occur with the ketogenic diet. And side effects will occur because you’re basically turning your body into a fat-burning machine.

The issue is that when you start running your body on fat fuel after years of running on sugar fuel, a lot of stuff can come up in the body because your body has to develop whole new cellular machinery and new digestive enzymes. Not only can that take a while, in the process you can get issues like:

  1. The Keto Flu
  2. Fatigue
  3. Constipation
  4. A Keto Rash

Let’s discuss each one so you can minimize side effects.

  1. The Keto Flu

With the keto flu, you’re really suffering from electrolyte depletion.

Why? When you switch from sugar to fat burning you won’t retain fluid anymore, and with all the fluid you lose potassium, magnesium and you’ll also need more B vitamins to run your body on fat. What you want is a very good electrolyte. I have my own electrolyte powder and I’ll put a link to it below.

You also want to get B vitamins from nutritional yeast.

Take a teaspoon of that and take some electrolytes and that will clean up those symptoms quickly.

  1. Fatigue

The same thing—you need electrolytes and B vitamins to give you energy. Yes, make sure to get B6 but I just recommend the whole complex in a food base versus an individual synthetic in that nutritional yeast. That will clean up fatigue or keto flu.

  1. Constipation

This usually happens when you ‘re increasing too much fiber or not having enough fiber. With constipation either you increase or decrease the number of vegetables, you’re consuming.

If you’re doing like 10 cups of vegetables and you’ve never done that before, cut that down a bit and it will go away. If you’re not doing enough vegetables, add more. You also may need bile salts or the Gall Bladder Formula. Bile helps lubricate the colon since you’re dumping a lot of fat – and you may lack enough bile to dump all these fat.

  1. A Keto Rash

This is caused by a lot of fat coming out of the body because you don’t have a strong enough gallbladder to flush out this fat and that’s creating a high level of histamine in the body. This is a lack of gallbladder support and I recommend either bile salts or the Gall Bladder for this.

What’s happening with the rash is that all of the crude stored in the fat is not being detoxified as it comes out of you. Adding bile salts will also help decrease the rash and any itching that comes with it.

The next step is applying all you’ve learned so that you can do ketosis healthy and right and start burning that fat right off your body.

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