Ketosis and IF: So, What Do I EAT?????

Breakfast: Protein and fat.

You can do egg, bacon, avocado, turkey bacon. Grass fed butter to grass-feds in or dollop on vegetables to help you convert your fat soluble vitamins for ultimate absorption.

I like hormone-free, sugar-free, nitrate-free bacon, which has a little more fat and helps me go to dinner with no problem.

I make a big 4 egg omelet with bacon and you can add in cheese or snack on some fatty nuts with breakfast, whatever you want.

In general, the more fat you add at this meal, the longer you can go without another meal and you’ll go more into insulin suppressing fat burning mode.

Fat helps keep you from getting hungry. This is why I stress adding it so much at the first meal, in case you want to try to go until dinner without eating, really suppress insulin, and burn more fat all day.

For Lunch: A combination of three things.

  1. Vegetables: a big salad—eat this first.
  2. Protein – 3 to 6 ounces—the more fatty your protein the better as very lean proteins or too much protein will trigger insulin. So you can use 80% fat hamburger, grass fed—80% –this is what I use and it keeps me from getting hungry. You can also do fatty fish like salmon, which is very good for you—as long as its not farm raised. You want fresh caught fish always.
  3. Fat—maybe some pecans, almonds, or a little avocado.

You can eat your salad first and then see how hungry you are for everything else, or add the other ingredients to the salad.

For Dinner:

Same thing –vegetable, protein, a little fat.

How to Speed Up Weight Loss More

Normally on ketosis diet they allow snacks as long as they’re protein or fat—but what I’m going to introduce you to that will help you lose weight even faster is intermittent fasting.

We’re going no snacking. By going without snacks, you can go more into fat-burning mode between meals.

We’re not going to have anything between meals—nothing. Go with beverages that don’t spike insulin during this time as well—water, lemon water, coffee . . .

And, if at some point, you want to add more fat and go from breakfast to dinner without eating, you can go into more fat burning.

This is a great option for those who aren’t working out as well. This is combining ketosis with intermittent fasting and it works great for fast weight loss.

Now, it takes 2 to 6 weeks to get into ketosis. How will you know when you’re there? You’ll lose all your cravings. What will happen is your body will start making new enzymes to start digesting fat and your whole weight loss will skyrocket—you’ll be so successful you’ll never look back.