Ketogenic Diet Tips and Tricks

The Ketogenic diet is one of the toughest diet plans to adhere to. A mistake here or there could knock you out of ketosis and that means you’ll need to start over. Then there’s also Keto flu that you have to deal with. It’s a condition where you feel low while your body transitions and switches gears from using glucose to ketones.

How to Get Going in a Ketogenic Diet

If you would like to stay in the state of ketosis for a long period of time, then you have to follow the guidelines below. The keto diet may be a little challenging at the start. But with the right kind of support, you’ll definitely get the results that you want.

Stay Hydrated

Whether you’re dieting or not, staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your well being. While on a Ketogenic diet, the need for hydration increases since ketones act as mild diuretics and increase your urine output.

Exercise Regularly

Our skeletal muscles pull glucose out of the blood through receptors called GLUT4. By working out and performing high-intensity exercises, you’re going to increase the activity of these channels. When you pull glucose out of the blood you’ll be maintaining your state of ketosis.

Exercise is also needed to boost weight loss and keep you in shape. Why not build muscle while losing weight? Keto doesn’t conflict with working out. You might feel exhausted during 3-5 days when you start the diet, but once you enter ketosis, you’re going to have enough energy to exercise.

Control Your Protein Intake

You may be tempted to eat lots of proteins to make up for barely eating any carbs, but this is a huge mistake. The liver can convert protein into glucose. If it finds protein, it’s going to convert it into glucose as it is the body’s default source of energy. You know you’ve eaten too much protein when you start to feel like you’re no longer in ketosis.

Don’t Stress Yourself Out

Stress raises hormones like epinephrine, glucagon, and cortisol. All of these work by increasing one’s glucose levels. If you’re stressed, then these hormones will rise and your blood glucose level will spike. This will knock you out of ketosis.

Those who are going through a stressful period in their life don’t need to adhere to a Ketogenic diet. They can follow a simple low carb diet until the stress is gone. Only then they can start Keto with maximum efficiency.

Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep will stress out your body and that will produce the same effect as above. Try to get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night for optimum health. Getting enough sleep also has its impact on metabolism.

Consume Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is rich in medium chain triglycerides. Unlike other triglycerides, the ones in coconut oil are rapidly absorbed and can be used by the liver as a source of energy. It can easily be converted to ketones as well. Just don’t start with large amounts to avoid side effects like diarrhea or cramping. Start with one teaspoon per day and gradually add to that.

With the right tips and advice, your experience with the Ketogenic diet will be a pleasant and productive one. Follow everything that’s listed here to help you with your keto journey.

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