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Welcome to our website. DrBerg.Com is a resource for beginner and seasoned ketogenic dieters containing keto tips and tricks, diet plans, menus, recipes, and other ketogenic resources. For years, Dr. Berg specializing weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. He is widely published in trade magazines and in 2017 he published “The New Body Type Guide.” He has taught nutrition at Howard University as an associate professor in the Community Health division and trained over 2500 physicians and allied healthcare practitioners in his methods. Here are some of his articles on the Keto diet.

Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Learn Everything You Need to Know

There’s no secret that the ketogenic diet brings a world of positive results. From better health to weight loss, there’s virtually no reason why you shouldn’t start incorporating this diet into your lifestyle. But it’s hard to keep such a restrictive diet so make sure that your body is getting all of the nutrients [...]

Ketogenic Diet 101: What You Need to Start Losing Weight the Healthy Way

Want to learn more about the ketogenic diet? People have been buzzing for years about how great this low-carb diet plan is. If you’re looking to shed some quick pounds, you can try the keto diet. But then, there are a lot of myths out there, and some of those can get you [...]

Keto Diet: Learn About the Best Weight loss Diet with Dr. Berg

The keto diet has been causing a lot of buzz for years. Everyone talks about it, people swear by it, but why is it this good and efficient? Here at Dr. Berg, we want our members and visitors to feel like they’re well informed and ready to take on this low -carb lifestyle. Take [...]

Why Combine Ketogenic Diet with Intermittent Fasting

The Ketogenic diet was a popular trend a couple of years ago but is now the most prominent and effective low-carb diet that we know of. As with everything else that becomes established, modifications have been implemented to the Ketogenic diet for better and faster results. One of these modifications is intermittent fasting. The goal [...]