Ketogenic Diet Myths and What Actually Work

At Dr. Berg, we don’t believe all the myths that are out there. We believe in debunking them. People usually say that low-carb diets allow you to fill up on bacon and processed fats as much as you want to compensate for the lost comfort of those tasty carbs. A ketogenic diet is not as easy as one might think. As with every other aspect of one’s life, balance is the key. In order for you to stay energized and determined, you need to stick with the script, so to speak.

Free Nutrition Mini-Courses

If you’re not 100% sold on the idea of becoming a Dr. Berg member, don’t worry! We’ve prepared a series of mini-courses to get you up-to-speed in terms of what your body needs to be healthy. You also know the differences between natural and synthetic vitamins, as well as other useful tips to keep your energy levels soaring. If you feel like you’re learning a lot from our courses, then you’ll be glad to find more resources on our website.

Free Interviews, Short E-books, and Ketogenic Diet Recipes

The hardest part about any diet is to get started. On Dr. Berg, you can find a lot of free resources to get you up to speed about what a healthy ketogenic diet involves. Here you can find success stories to get you motivated. In addition to interviews with successful people, you’ll find the inputs of health industry specialists valuable in helping you better understand all of the processes your body will be going through.

Do you want something more practical? We’ve prepared a load of recipes to keep you going to shed those extra pounds. You’ll find recipes that are suited for every taste, which is something that’s important when staying on a rather restrictive diet. We’ve thought about diversity so that you don’t have to. In addition to the recipes, you can also find a lot of useful PDF’s to study, ranging from healthy snacks to the benefits of intermittent fasting.

Vast Video Library for Members

If you choose to become a Dr. Berg member, then you’ll gain access to a library of over 170 videos that will help you understand how to successfully keep up with the ketogenic diet. It’s true that there are already a lot of free resources out there but this video database contains first-hand knowledge from one of the world’s premier weight loss specialists. Dr. Berg is a well-known figure on the weight loss scene, having collaborated with several government agencies and high-profile corporate clients.

Stay Motivated!

We know that staying motivated is the most challenging part of any diet. But as they always say, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Browse through our pages and find a lot of success stories to keep you going in your quest to a better lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more about how the ketogenic diet can help you turn your life around. Consider signing up for membership today.

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