Keto Diet: Everything You Need to Know About Healthy Weight Loss

Don’t eat too many carbs! This statement is the quintessential keto diet. Eat almost anything that you want, just stay away from sugar and carbs. Sure, that’s a bit of a broad statement, and things are a bit more complicated but the main idea is to cut carbs out of your diet as much as possible. Why would you want to cut carbs out? It’s because your body needs them to produce energy. But what happens when you cut that energy supply? Your body starts digging into other resources.

When your body runs out of carbs to process for energy, it turns towards the fat. It converts your fat into ketones, which is the metabolic process called ketosis. That’s where the term keto diet came from. It’s very efficient and somewhat strict in terms of what you can eat. But you won’t have to starve yourself that much. Just eat the right types of food and follow a plan so you’ll still see good results.

Mini-Courses that Teach You the Basics

Here on Dr. Berg, we want you to be prepared for everything. This means knowing the do’s and don’ts of losing weight in a healthy way. You’ll have a handful of mini-courses available for free to get you started. Learn about the basics of the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting, how it helps to change your metabolism, and how it can become a long-term lifestyle.

Tests that Prepare You for Your Keto Journey

Feel like you know enough about weight loss? Why not take these tests to make sure that you are ready to tackle anything that diets throw at you? We’ve compiled a series of questions to put your knowledge to the test. Find out just how ready you are to lose weight in a healthy way.

Meal Plans to Help You Reach the First Milestone

Are you eager to climb on the scale and see what kind of results this low-carb diet yields? We’ve prepared a lot of meal plans to help you hit your first goals. You’ll find a lot of free resources that can really help you in overcoming unhealthy eating habits.

Membership and Full Keto Diet Courses

If you become a member of, you’ll gain instant access to a library of over 170 videos of Dr. Berg’s courses. These courses will teach you proper nutrition that will help you get through the keto diet with no risks involved. Dr. Berg is a weight loss specialist with a lot of years of experience in the field.

If you’re interested in learning more about the keto diet, intermittent fasting, and nutrition in general, spend more time browsing through our website. See success stories from normal people who have gone through the same process that you’re going through right now and get access to useful resources that will help you reach your first milestones. Make keto diet work for you. Sign up for membership today.

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