Keto and IF Tips for Ultimate Success

Corrective Actions

As you correct your eating based on the following tips, your cravings will go down close to zero, and you will be satisfied after meals. You will be clearing up the symptoms of insulin resistance.

Keep Your Sugar at Zero

Start reading labels, focusing mostly on sugar grams. You must avoid consuming sugar and hidden sugars. But anytime we take something away, people want it more, right? No worries; I have an entire section on substitute foods and some delicious dessert recipes in chapters 13 and 18.

Add More Fat

The point I am making about fat is that you do not want to go toward low-fat or lean anything. However, I am not saying eat excessive amounts. You want to eat enough fat per meal to be able to go to the next meal without too much hunger. Not having enough fat will make it impossible to do intermittent fasting. This recommended fat includes foods low on the insulin index: butter, olives, bacon, heavy cream, and peanut or almond butter.

The key is to be able to go from one meal to the next without intense hunger and cravings. Adjust your fats so you are able to do this. Some people need a bit more than others, but once you hit the sweet spot, maybe by adding more bacon or Brie cheese to a meal, then it becomes easier. It is not that fat is causing the weight loss; instead it’s the fact that fat is allowing you to go longer without eating and raising your insulin.

No Snacking

Even if your snacks are healthy, eating in general will raise insulin a little. Look at this as similar to exercise. The benefits of exercise are in the recovery phase, after you stop exercising. It’s the same with eating. When you don’t eat between meals, your body switches to fat burning and it’s eating your fat—that’s the meal we want your body to focus on.

Additional Tips Apple Cider Vinegar

I recommend consuming apple cider vinegar in your water each day. It is an amazing way to reactivate your insulin receptors and make glucose absorbable. Taking apple cider vinegar can decrease your need for insulin, thereby improving any blood sugar problem.

Drinking cider vinegar in your water will also help dissolve fat around your liver. I would take 1 tablespoon with a glass of water and drink it with each meal. I also add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Lemon is a great way to keep kidney stones from occurring. This drink has two benefits: it will acidify your stomach to improve digestion and it will improve your insulin situation.


Exercise is another great action to improve insulin resistance and speed up metabolism. The secret is to exercise according to your body type. If you are an Adrenal type and you do too much—if you overtrain—you will slow your weight loss down, because of the spike caused by excess stress (cortisol).

The best way to know what exercise is right for you is to do it and observe how you react to it. If you feel terrible afterwards and can’t sleep, and even gain weight, then you know to only walk for now.