How to Speed up Belly Fat Loss With Keto/IF

How to Speed Things Up: Things to Add

  1. Add MCTS. – Add MCTS like coconut oil to the diet. Medium chain triglycerides speed up weight loss quite well.
  1. Potassium -Why? Because, at the heart of weight loss, we want to avoid insulin. Most people that can’t lose weight have too much insulin. Potassium helps reduce insulin resistance and help you burn fat.
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) -Why? The acetic acid in vinegar helps with insulin resistance and lowers blood sugar so you can burn fat.
  1. Chromium – Chromium is a mineral that has been proven to help keep insulin in check.
  1. B-Vitamins – The B vitamins, especially B-1, can help with insulin resistance.
  1. HIIT -Adding HIIT full body training will help release GH and you’ll really burn fat. The key is short bursts of working out as hard as you can, alternating with periods of rest.
  1. More Sleep – Getting more sleep is CRUCIAL to fat burning because you release growth hormone as you sleep as well, which helps you burn more fat. Get 8 to 10 hours and you’ll lose more weight.
  1. Recovery -Recovery is just as essential as the exercise itself. You have to make sure, especially if you’re doing it HIIT, that you’re allowing yourself time to recover. Recovery from exercise is when you get the benefit from it.

What to Remove to Speed Things Up More

  1. Remove any sleep issues that cause insomnia.

You won’t lose weight if you’re not sleeping.

  1. Bloating

If you’re consuming a lot of vegetables and bloating, that will slow down weight loss. Go back to what you can digest or steam more vegetables simply eliminate what’s bloating you. Bile salts can help.

  1. Menstrual cycle issues

Estrogen blocks the thyroid and creates fat on the hip and thighs. There’s a link below to help you get the menstrual cycle in check. If you’re menstruating too often, you won’t lose weight.

  1. Stress

Reducing stress can help you lose weight and you really want to do whatever you can to reduce stress. Stress reduces cortisol which inhibits weight loss.

  1. MSG

MSG is in everything from fast food to Asian food to even non-organic cottage cheese. It’s disguised as “modified food starch.” This spikes insulin like crazy – so much it makes weight loss impossible for days.

  1. Avoid Eating Out

Foods at restaurants are loaded with hidden sugars, MSG, trans fats, and people tend to consume way too many calories when eating out. Avoid restaurants for a time.

  1. Avoid Overtraining

You don’t burn fat at boot camp. You cannot recover and burn fat if you aren’t sleeping and recovering enough from exercise to release GH  because without that release of growth hormone, folks, NOTHING good will happen in the body. In fact, the exact opposite will happen—weight gain from stress and cortisol production.

  1. Constipation

Constipation will slow weight loss to a crawl. You need to void out all these vegetables you’re consuming that constipate you.

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