How to Get Rid of Loose, Flabby Skin

Today, we’re going to talk about flabby skin, whether it’s on the back of your arms, underneath your chin, on your legs, or on the belly. Let’s discuss what’s behind this flabby skin. By understanding the root cause of your problems, you can cure the problem. In past blogs and videos, I’ve pointed to cortisol (an adrenal hormone) as one of the root causes of loose skin under the arm. But there’s another hormone that can cause flabby skin. It’s insulin. Insulin and insulin resistance are really the root cause of flabby skin.

The Science: What is Insulin Resistance?

Many people don’t understand what insulin resistance (IR) is, so I’m going to explain it in the easiest terms possible. Insulin resistance occurs when you have a ton of insulin, but it’s not working. This is because your body is resisting insulin at the cellular level.

The Importance of Branched Amino Acids

See, insulin is the hormone that allows the absorption of proteins, specifically proteins called branched amino acids. What are branched amino acids? Proteins that help build muscle, collagen, elastin, and toned, bouncy, juicy skin. If you’re losing muscle and atrophying, you’ll want plenty of branched amino acids.

You can get branched chain amino acids in a half a glass of milk, some lean turkey, chicken, or eggs. Vegetarians can get branched amino acids in virtually all the beans and lentils. Almonds and walnuts are also rich in them. Very few of us are probably low in branched amino acids.

But for insulin-resistant individuals, the insulin is not working to pull those branched amino acids into that little window in the cell. The window is blocked, not letting any more insulin in. Now, what caused this problem in the first place is that you had too much insulin and now your body is rejecting it. Since it is– we’re not getting those branched amino acids we need to tone the skin. This is why insulin resistance leads to flabby skin, aging, and all kinds of issues with diabetes. So, realize that you need to fix this situation and that yes, it is serious.

Here’s how:

  1. Get the sugars out!
  2. Get all refined carbs out– sugars, bread, pastas, crackers, etcetera
  3. Get any alcohol out of your diet because that will create lots of problems.
  4. Next, never, ever combine protein with sugar/simple starches—no hamburger with ketchup, buns with hot dogs, . . . pastries with nuts.

You’d be better off eating sugar alone than combining it with protein.

Even if you add sugar with fat you accentuate insulin. Just remember, folks, sugar is sheer bad, bad, bad for the system.

I mean refined starches – which are glucose/sugar too—of all kinds, from bread to crackers, to bagels, wheat, all of it. Get your carbs from veggies!

Snacking creates insulin resistance too. What insulin resistant individuals should do is try to avoid spiking insulin at all and just do water between meals.

So we want to

  • Eat only 2-3 times a day (2 ideally)
  • Get lots of healthy greens in there
  • And avoid foods and behaviors that trigger insulin including excessive protein, proteins with sugar, sugar itself, and snacking.

Those are the major culprits right there.

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