How Much Fat You Need with the Ketogenic Diet Every Day

Some people seem to be under the misconception that with ketogenic diets, the more fat you eat, and the more fat you will burn.

That is a myth. So don’t just turn up the coconut oil bottle like a diet cola and gulp away. If you eat too much fat, you will be burning off only the dietary fat you consume, not burning your own body fat, which is the ultimate goal for most people.

With the ketogenic diet, however, your purpose is to eat very low carbohydrate, moderate protein, and higher fat—not lots and lots of fat.

What I’ve found is what works best is a diet of 0 sugar, unlimited vegetables, and between 20 and 40 grams of fat per meal.

Now let’s talk about how much fat you will need to consume on this diet.

You’re supposed to take in anywhere from 20 to 40 grams of fat a meal for the ketogenic diet. However, if you are a smallish person, especially one who is new to the keto way of eating, you’ll want only 20 grams of fat a meal.

Likewise, a much larger person will need more like 40 gram of fat a meal. An average-sized person will eventually want to consume about 30 grams a meal, but when you’re new to the diet, remember to go slowly and give your body time to adjust to this new food source: fat!

Below is a list of some the fats you can potentially consume on the ketogenic diet, how many fat grams they have and how much you can consume at meals, assuming there are no other fat sources in the meal.

Food Amount Fat in Grams Calories Serving Per Meal
Heavy Cream 1 tbsp. 5 g. 51 6 tbsp.
Egg 1 egg. 5 g. 74 3-4 eggs
Beef 3 oz. 16 g. 213 3-6 oz.
Coconut Oil 1 tbsp. 14 g. 120 2 tbsp.
Brie Cheese 3 oz. 28 g. 300 3 oz.
Almond Butter 1 tbsp. 10 g. 100 3 tbsp.
Olive Oil 1 tbsp. 14 g. 119 2 tbsp.
Bacon 1 slice 3 g. 43 3-6 slices
Pecans 10 nuts 20 g. 196 15 nuts
Macadamia Nuts 10 nuts 21 g. 204 15 nuts
Peanut Butter 1 tbsp. 8 g. 94 3-4 tbsp.
Almonds 10 nuts 6 g. 70 20 – 30 whole almonds
Avocado 1 whole 30 g. 322 1 whole
Ice Cream (no sugar) 1 cup 22 g. 200 1 cup

If You’re Trying to Lose Weight

What fat does for the person on the ketogenic diet is to allow you to go longer without being hungry while not creating insulin spikes, which is what you want to avoid.

If you’re concerned about calories and all this new fat in your diet, try eating only two meals a day, especially if you’re not working out. You’ll find that once you adapt, you can burn your own body fat as a fuel source, and you can go a long time using this for energy.

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