Healthy Fats

The types of fats that are good to the liver and gall bladder are the MCT—that means grass fed butter, coconut butter, olive oil, grass fed cheese, pasture raised eggs, grass fed beef, these are the ones you’ll have to eat. You want fattier beef, and you want the fat on the meat. It will give your brain more energy.

Ketones are only made, ketosis only occurs, when the body is starving of carbohydrates. When you start eating more fat, your digestive system will do much better. In a recent study, “The Long Term Effects of a Ketogenic Diet on Obese Patients,” “not produce any negative side effects” and it’s “safe to use for longer periods.” I also have some “keto bomb” recipes you might want to try. The Gallbladder Formula has all three component parts so it handles all parts of the digestion.

Digesting Fats, Breaking Down Fat, and Why You Need Pancreatic Enzyme Help!

Since you’ll be eating a lot more fat now, you might need help digesting all the fats you’ll be dumping through the body.

And the body takes time to adjust to burning fat, and it will take time to develop the enzymes to break down all these fats. So I changed my Gall Bladder Formula!

I added pancreatic enzymes to help everyone break down fats all the way down to the smallest molecular level possible.

Taking the Gall Bladder Formula also helps with all the fat you’re dumping.

You also want to add sea salt from dumping all the sugar out of the body.

I also recommend a calcium/magnesium supplement before bed and magnesium will help you sleep too.

So, we want to make sure the minerals are in there to digest the fats, keep the constant low carbohydrate, moderate protein, adequate fats. We want to adjust the fats to your activity level as well.

But going into ketosis, you won’t have cravings and hunger and you won’t have that appetite you had to fight so hard against before.

Overall you want 50 net carbohydrates a day.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get into ketosis right away. It can take 2 to 4 weeks.

For sweetener, birch bark derived xylitol is a great sweetener. Stevia and xylitol.

If you love coffee, coffee with xylitol is fine. Full fat cream has no carbohydrate and does not spike insulin, and that is fine too. with IF, you can increase growth hormone by 2,000 percent.

Growth hormone is the main fat burning hormone and preserves muscle-building proteins. So this won’t affect your muscle or break down muscles at all like calorie restriction often does, especially for people over 40.

So it’s good for collagen (skin fibers), preventing aging, getting rid of loose skin, and great for building lean muscle mass, helping you get that lean, supple body that you want.

Other tips for successful keto and IF’ing?

Lemon juice—drinking a little water with lemon helps you to keep that fat off the liver. But you need REAL lemon juice for this from lemons. Don’t trust that lemon juice in those little yellow plastic lemons. That’s synthetic! Synthetic everything is just bad, bad, bad folks and nutrient empty.

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