Does a High Fat Ketogenic Diet Clog your Arteries?

When people hear the words “high-fat diet,” it’s easy to freak out because of a misunderstanding. Many believe that because of the Ketogenic diet being high-fat in nature, those who practice it are more prone to have problems with clogged arteries. But it’s important to remember that the high-fat component of this diet is not the important part. What’s important is the low-carb part of Keto. When you cut down your carbohydrate intake to 5% of your total calories, your body is primed to enter a state of ketosis, wherein it will burn fat instead of the sugars produced by carbs.

The absence of insulin, sugar, glucose and carbohydrates forces the body to function in this way. If you made up for the lack of carbohydrates with large amounts of protein, you will experience an increase of insulin-which is not what we want with a Keto diet.

High Fat on Ketogenic Diet

It sounds logical, that the consumption of more fats could lead to a greater risk of clogged arteries. But that’s not really how the body works. The Ketogenic diet is formulated with the specific processes of your body in mind to prevent these very concerns. When the body is in a state of ketosis, insulin-which functions like a switch to convert fat into body storage and is also responsible for the blocking up of arteries-doesn’t create the problems that are normally associated with it.

Insulin is an inflammatory hormone that can cause inflammation if you have it in excess within your body.

Cholesterol is made by almost every cell in the body, with the human body making about 3,000 milligrams of cholesterol on a daily basis. This is equal to 300 strips of bacon, a pound of butter or 14 eggs. When you consume more fat, your body will be prone to making less cholesterol under the Ketogenic diet.

What Creates the Clogged Artery?

Clogged arteries are caused by high levels of insulin within the body. Cutting down on carbohydrates like bread, pasta, cereal, crackers and sugar, will result in a reduction of your body’s cholesterol levels. Your levels of triglycerides decrease, as does the level of bad cholesterol in your body. Insulin and cholesterol increase when you have more sugar in your diet.

A high-fat Ketogenic diet is not likely to clog your arteries, especially if you stick to the strict diet plan that you created at the start of your Keto journey.

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