Avoid These 5 Mistakes to Get the Most Out of the Ketogenic Diet

A lot of people start the ketogenic diet thinking that it’s as simple as eliminating carbs and upping their fat intake. While carb reduction and a higher amount of healthy fats are both essential parts of keto, there is far more to consider when making this sizeable lifestyle change. This diet is by [...]

Tackling the Side-Effects of the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet doesn’t simply promote rapid and healthy weight-loss. When followed as intended, this diet causes the body to enter a new metabolic state that’s known as ketosis. It’s reasonable to expect that there will be an adjustment period before one’s body is completely accustomed to this new metabolic condition. During this [...]

Is the Ketogenic Diet Kid-Safe?

The ketogenic diet is well-known for improving overall health and facilitating weight loss in adults. What’s less known about the popular diet, however, is how it impacts children under the age of eighteen.  While it’s generally not encouraged to put children on strict diets like the ketogenic diet due to their different nutritional [...]

7 Low-Carb Foods to Avoid on the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet, also known as the keto diet or the high-fat diet, strictly limits how many carbohydrates a person can consume to follow the diet for optimal results. Too many carbohydrates make it impossible for the body to enter a state of ketosis, which is essential for overall health and weight loss [...]

Getting Off on the Right Foot With Your Ketogenic Diet

The proper diet plan is key to a successful Ketogenic Diet. Your diet should be broken down like this: 5% carbohydrates  75% fat  20% protein. The presence of excess carbohydrates in the body raises sugar levels, which in turn elevates the amount of insulin produced. Because of this, you must keep your intake [...]

Why do People Love Keto and IF So Much and Why Does it Work So Well?

If you Google Dr. Berg success stories, you’ll see stories of many of my clients who have dropped hundreds of pounds with the keto + IF approach. And there are many scientific reasons Keto works – it suppresses hormones that cause hunger and also boosts hormones that spike muscle preservation and fat burning. [...]

The Right Ketogenic Diet Doesn’t Age the System with Fat and Protein Only Consumption

In most ketogenic diets you find online, there is not enough focus on nutrients. You cannot just live on fat. Some fat has fat soluble vitamins, like grass fed butter and dairy. But you need antioxidants, phytochemicals, trace minerals, all the B vitamins, vitamins A, C, D, E, and K2 if you want [...]

Healthy Ketosis

This is a healthy state in which the body is using ketones as its primary fuel. Ketones are the byproduct of fat and a much cleaner fuel for the body. Ketones are the preferred fuel of the body and brain. Running your body on glucose sugar is inefficient for the body and unhealthy [...]

The Importance of Vegetables and Lemon on Keto for Health, a Healthy Liver, Energy, and Fat Loss

First, I want to stress the importance of eating an abundance of vegetables with this way of eating. With a ketogenic diet, you must eat a lot of vegetables. Why? Well, not only do you get some low and healthy carbohydrate from vegetables (and necessary nutrients, of course), vegetable carbs also help keep [...]

What are the Major Benefits of the Keto and IF for Weight Loss and Health?

Ketogenic diets are actually very, very healthy diets. They have all kinds of benefits for the health of the brain and body such as: Keto lowers insulin resistance: So well, in fact, it helps reverse type II diabetes and prediabetes! Keto keeps your brain sharp: ketones in the blood stimulate the release of [...]