Keto Diet: Everything You Need to Know About Healthy Weight Loss

Don’t eat too many carbs! This statement is the quintessential keto diet. Eat almost anything that you want, just stay away from sugar and carbs. Sure, that’s a bit of a broad statement, and things are a bit more complicated but the main idea is to cut carbs out of your diet as [...]

Keto Diet Tips and Tricks with Dr. Berg

Low carb diets are not a new thing, but people usually struggled with the idea of giving up their ordinary eating habits and opt for a healthier lifestyle. Here’s where the keto diet comes in. Dr. Berg designed a plan that’s not only healthy but can easily become the norm for anyone who is [...]

Ketogenic Diet 101: What You Need to Start Losing Weight the Healthy Way

Want to learn more about the ketogenic diet? People have been buzzing for years about how great this low-carb diet plan is. If you’re looking to shed some quick pounds, you can try the keto diet. But then, there are a lot of myths out there, and some of those can get you [...]

Keto Diet: Learn About the Best Weight loss Diet with Dr. Berg

The keto diet has been causing a lot of buzz for years. Everyone talks about it, people swear by it, but why is it this good and efficient? Here at Dr. Berg, we want our members and visitors to feel like they’re well informed and ready to take on this low -carb lifestyle. Take [...]

The Effects of Exercise While on a Keto Diet

Diets should always be combined with exercise for faster results and better health. For some reason, people think the Keto diet and physical exercises aren’t a good match. Maybe this is because ketosis and barely eating any carbs make it seem that a person on Keto won’t have the energy to workout. This notion is [...]

The Fastest Way to Lose Weight in Medical History

Working with more than 40,000 people over 27 years, I have observed the good, the bad, and the ugly of weight loss methods/fads. And let me tell you for sure-for certain-for real--the absolute fastest way to get the weight off combines two powerful techniques: intermittent fasting and ketogenic eating. Powerful Technique #1: Intermittent [...]

The Importance of the NO SNACKS Rule if You Want Weight Loss

If you snack between meals, you trigger some insulin. The way insulin got messed up in the first place was higher levels of sustained insulin being triggered over time. Listen, if you exercised all day long and never gave yourself a chance to recover or rest, what would happen? In this case, you [...]

Keto and IF Tips for Ultimate Success

Corrective Actions As you correct your eating based on the following tips, your cravings will go down close to zero, and you will be satisfied after meals. You will be clearing up the symptoms of insulin resistance. Keep Your Sugar at Zero Start reading labels, focusing mostly on sugar grams. You must avoid [...]

Why do People Love Keto and IF So Much and Why Does it Work So Well?

If you Google Dr. Berg success stories, you’ll see stories of many of my clients who have dropped hundreds of pounds with the keto + IF approach. And there are many scientific reasons Keto works – it suppresses hormones that cause hunger and also boosts hormones that spike muscle preservation and fat burning. [...]

The 5:2 Eating Plan and IF: Which one Is Best for Weight Loss

The 5:2 eating plan is a little different than my keto + IF + nutrient density approach. With a 5:2 plan you eat whatever you want 5 days a week and fast 2 days a week, greatly curbing calorie intake two days a week. See, my plan is all about suppressing insulin in [...]