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Getting Off on the Right Foot With Your Ketogenic Diet

The proper diet plan is key to a successful Ketogenic Diet. Your diet should be broken down like this: 5% carbohydrates  75% fat  20% protein. The presence of excess carbohydrates in the body raises sugar levels, which in turn elevates the amount of insulin produced. Because of this, you must keep your intake [...]

Does the Ketogenic Diet Cause Hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is one concern that many people have as they explore the possibility of beginning a Ketogenic diet. “Does Keto cause hypothyroidism?” is a common Google search associated with this diet, but rest assured that your fears surrounding this subject are unfounded. Many people think that a diet low in carbohydrates causes the [...]

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Does a High Fat Ketogenic Diet Clog your Arteries?

When people hear the words “high-fat diet,” it's easy to freak out because of a misunderstanding. Many believe that because of the Ketogenic diet being high-fat in nature, those who practice it are more prone to have problems with clogged arteries. But it's important to remember that the high-fat component of this diet [...]

Should I Expect a Greater Appetite When Eating A Ketogenic Diet?

Whenever someone decides to go on a diet, one of the first thoughts going through their mind is whether or not they are going to get hungry or not. Most people don’t want to even start a ketogenic diet if they believe they will become ravenous. The good news is that on a [...]

Is This Athlete Eating a Ketogenic Diet?

It’s fun to delve into the land of logical thinking and puzzle solving from time to time – and even more fun to analyze whether or not certain athletes are or are not eating a ketogenic diet. Ready to play along? Frank Shamrock, UFC Middleweight Champion For the last 15 years, Frank has [...]

I’m Athletic – Should I Eat A Ketogenic Diet?

Some athletes that have been coached to eat a high carbohydrate diet prior to competition are afraid of changing their diet even one iota. Thinking of going on a ketogenic diet may be too much of a stretch for them to consider. What Started The High Carb Craze for Athletes The high carbohydrate [...]

The Fastest Way to Lose Weight in Medical History

Working with more than 40,000 people over 27 years, I have observed the good, the bad, and the ugly of weight loss methods/fads. And let me tell you for sure-for certain-for real--the absolute fastest way to get the weight off combines two powerful techniques: intermittent fasting and ketogenic eating. Powerful Technique #1: Intermittent [...]

The Importance of the NO SNACKS Rule if You Want Weight Loss

If you snack between meals, you trigger some insulin. The way insulin got messed up in the first place was higher levels of sustained insulin being triggered over time. Listen, if you exercised all day long and never gave yourself a chance to recover or rest, what would happen? In this case, you [...]

Keto and IF Tips for Ultimate Success

Corrective Actions As you correct your eating based on the following tips, your cravings will go down close to zero, and you will be satisfied after meals. You will be clearing up the symptoms of insulin resistance. Keep Your Sugar at Zero Start reading labels, focusing mostly on sugar grams. You must avoid [...]

Keto 101 for Beginners

The key to switching your body to fat burning requires that you lower your carb intake to 20-50 grams per day. For people who have a very slow metabolism, you might have to lower this even more and keep your carb intake around 20 grams. Really, you’ll have to test the waters and [...]