5 Myths about the Ketogenic Diet

If you’ve heard good stuff about the famed ketogenic diet, then you must have also heard all the not-so good stuff about it. But the bad things associated with keto are usually just temporary, and they only happen because your body is in a phase of transition.

Also, it’s possible that you’re doing keto the wrong way, which is why these side effects are more prominent than they should be. The key to following any diet plan is to learn everything about it first. Once you know how it works, then you’ll be prepared for the disadvantages associated with it and you can certain things to reverse them.

Ketogenic Diet Disadvantages

Many doctors recommend keto because it can definitely help overweight people in achieving their desired weight. However, it has to be done the right way or the matter can only get worse. Keto focuses on fats instead of sugar for energy. That’s a very delicate path to treat because it also eliminates good food like fruits and whole grain while it seems to pile up on the bad ones like fat-rich food. And that’s where it really gets confusing. It’s also the reasons why the following myths form:

  1. You’ll be hungry and have more cravings than before.

Shifting from sugar to fats to create energy is a major body transition. You’ll feel a lot of things you never experienced before and that include more hunger pangs and huge, uncontrollable cravings. Again, these are only temporary. If you stick to the plan and eat nutrient-dense food items instead of foods with empty calories, then you won’t feel hungry as much. All your cravings will also slowly subside.

  1. You’ll feel tired all the time.

Fatigue is yet another complication of a ketogenic diet as the body may not adapt to ketogenesis fast. As a result, you’ll suffer fatigue along with other flu-like symptoms. But these are also temporary. If you give your body some time to adjust, then you won’t have to experience these things anymore.

  1. Your thyroid will be messed up.

If you do keto right, your body won’t rely on the thyroid gland too much. That means you’re actually easing its functions and that’s not really messing it up. It’s more of giving that organ in your body the break that it deserves.

  1. You’ll experience weight plateau right in the middle of the program.

Weight plateau is inevitable, especially on people following a keto diet. But it’s actually a good sign, because it means that your body is starting to build muscles in place of the fats that it used. Muscles are much denser than fats, which is why they weigh more. But even if your weight seems to plateau, you’ll notice that your waistline continues to shrink and that’s the best thing.

  1. Your cholesterol level will shot up.

More fats in the body mean more cholesterol and there’s no denying that. But then, there’s good cholesterol and there’s bad cholesterol. A well-executed ketogenic diet focuses on good cholesterol to initiate weight loss and eventually, allow you to live a much healthier life.

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