Should I Expect a Greater Appetite When Eating A Ketogenic Diet?

Whenever someone decides to go on a diet, one of the first thoughts going through their mind is whether or not they are going to get hungry or not. Most people don’t want to even start a ketogenic diet if they believe they will become ravenous. The good news is that on a [...]

Medications That Can Throw Off Your Ketogenic Diet

It’s interesting that doctors will generally tell you not to take life-sustaining vitamins and minerals because they may interact with the medications that you have been given. They hold the medications at a higher priority than the life-giving vitamins and minerals. Well, here’s a twist to their thinking today:  some of the medications [...]

Is This Athlete Eating a Ketogenic Diet?

It’s fun to delve into the land of logical thinking and puzzle solving from time to time – and even more fun to analyze whether or not certain athletes are or are not eating a ketogenic diet. Ready to play along? Frank Shamrock, UFC Middleweight Champion For the last 15 years, Frank has [...]

I’m Athletic – Should I Eat A Ketogenic Diet?

Some athletes that have been coached to eat a high carbohydrate diet prior to competition are afraid of changing their diet even one iota. Thinking of going on a ketogenic diet may be too much of a stretch for them to consider. What Started The High Carb Craze for Athletes The high carbohydrate [...]

Can I Use Herbs and Tubers When I’m On A Ketogenic Diet?

If you’ve discovered that herbs make you feel remarkably better, you may never want to go a day without them. But what do you do if you decide to go on a ketogenic diet? Don’t herbs have carbs in them? Do you count the carbs in the herbs you’re taking? Or should you just [...]